For Sale

Currently working on this page, pictures of actual plants for sale to be added shortly. For now, please email me to confirm availability and shipping quote. USA only, majority are CITES restricted for international shipping.


Dtps. Sogo Yenlin 'Coffee' $13 (variegated miniature Phalaenopsis) only 1 left

Encyclia dichroma $5 (very small accidental division, 4 small p-bulbs)

Phalaenopsis Purple Martin $5, small 2 growth division



S. 'Bug Bat', $4, medium

S. purpurea ssp. venosa $4 small, $7 medium

S. rubra ssp. rubra $5 small division


Neoregelia 'Fireball' $5
single offset w/pup

Neoregelia 'Zoe' $5 (variegated, older Skotak hybrid)
single offset

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