Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Faucaria felina blooming

Faucarias are fall bloomers and luckily all my Faucaria had set buds while they were outside this fall. Last week I took everything inside as there was a surprise overnight frost a few days ago. I'm still getting everything organized and setting up racks and lights for everything's winter homes as although there's been no more frost, it's too cold to bother taking everything back out and then in again.

Faucaria felina finally bloomed though, even with the slightly warmer inside temperatures.

We got creative and set the blooming/about to bloom succulents against a window to stay on the cool side while I get the succulent's winter spot ready for them.

Faucaria felina ssp. tuberculosa, unidentified Lithops, and Faucaria felina (left to right)

Still waiting on Faucaria felina ssp. tuberculosa, plus there's another 2 buds on the other felina heads that should open within the next week or so too.


  1. Linda parabéns pelo cultivo

  2. Nice photos! How long do the flowers last? Does each plant produce only 1 flower? Do they open in the morning?

    1. Thank you! The flowers last for about a week to 10 days and they open during the day and close up again every night. Mine open more like late afternoon, but that could just be the angle of the sun here, rather than the norm. Each mature "head" or growth point can make a flower and can bloom from fall through winter if it doesn't get too cold for it.