Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phalaenopsis Spiketacular Update

If you remember this post from last year: Phalaenopsis Spiketacular , the blooms have finally begun! No bud blast from the move.

NOID Mini Phalaenopsis with mottled leaves:

NOID Mini Phalaenopsis with solid purple blooms:

NOID Variegated Mini Phalaenopsis:

NOID "Medium" Phal, white flowers:

Not pictured: 

Phalaenopsis stuartina x sib. The spike is far behind all these mini phals. Hybrids are typically stronger and faster growers, this being my only species, that could explain it's lagging behind. 

Dtps. Kenneth Schubert, finally dropped it's last bud.

I'll put up some more pictures once everything has opened!

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