Thursday, March 7, 2013

Phalaenopsis Spiketacular: The Finale

Now that all the Phals have opened their blooms, the deck's looking pretty nice out there!

NOID Mini Phalaenopsis with mottled leaves

From the side

NOID "Medium" Phal, white flowers

NOID Variegated Mini Phalaenopsis

NOID Mini Phalaenopsis with solid purple blooms

Phalaenopsis stuartiana


  1. wow, they're all gorgeous. Well done Melody.

    I adore the stuartiana, that is just sublime

    1. Thanks Michael! The stuartiana is definitely one of my favorite phals ever.

  2. Stunning...I had great strings of flowers but the heat really played havoc this year and many did not last long...Nice to enjoy yours from a distance.

    1. Thanks! That's too bad, I like Phals because the flowers usually last a long time, but some having them outside this year in the heat they may be short lived too. They're almost better off grown indoors when not in their natural habitat, oddly enough.