Thursday, June 13, 2013

Epidendrum Orchid Blooming

This lovely little Epidendrum a friend gave me bloomed last week. Anyone able to ID it?

Although the picture isn't quite as clear, the iPhone managed to capture the color a lot more appropriately than the camera did.

This one was fairly quick, as far as orchids go, from spike to bloom. I did spend a few days wondering just exactly how tall the spike was going to grow before it finally stopped.


  1. Beautiful plant. I don't grow orchids but appreciate those grown by others. Wow, there was a big difference in the color between your iphone shot and the camera shot. The true colors (shown by the iphone pix) are much nicer than those shown by the camera. I guess not all technology is the same. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and attractive plant. Bob

    1. Thanks, I got frustrated with the camera and gave up! I'm sure there was a way to get the color to photograph correctly but the last instruction I remember was from a black and white manual photography class I took in college years ago.