Monday, July 29, 2013

Grammatophyllum scriptum var. kiilani

I bought a Grammatophyllum scriptum var kiilani, a cute little miniature Grammatophyllum orchid, from someone on one of the forums I frequent. She sent it in spike, potted in semi-hydroponics. I had wanted to try and grow some orchids semi-hydroponically for a while, just to try it, but was never motivated enough to bother. So I just left this orchid potted as is, and went with it. It opened up two flowers from the spike it was sent with, so I won't claim any credit for these flowers.

The flowers have been open for 3 weeks now, and no signs of wear yet. It came with a few older looking pseudobulbs, but is happpily growing another, with another flower spike... I think I'll let the nice weather and the fact that a Grammatophyllum seems to be a perfect fit for the S/H (semi-hydroponic) growing style take credit for this. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it seems like my first try with S/H is going well so far. May switch some other orchids over here soon.


  1. Que bela flor.

    boa semana

  2. What delight Melody, beautiful flowers and wonderful pictures.

  3. The flower looks alike the usual tiger orchid but in far smaller pseudobulbs. Where do I could find one ?, I want one...

    1. I'm not sure, they are not as common as they should be! I see them pop up on ebay every so often here, maybe take a look there if none of your local orchid retailer carry them?

  4. Gorgeous flowers! Love the animal print. Leopard or turtle shell?