Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Interesting Day Out in DeLand, FL

First, I really wish I brought my camera today, but I didn't so apologies for the iPhone pics.

Today I went with my mom to E.F.G. Orchids in DeLand, Florida, for "Orchtoberfest." Orchids for a mile and then German beer and bratwurst for lunch. Today was a good day.

Outside were some cute carnivorous plants, butterworts and Nepenthes.

A lizard trying to blend in and a donkey. I couldn't get a picture of the Emu, but they've got one of those too.

The front entrance to EFG

One of the vendors tents, can't remember the name but had some great hybrids

Another vendor had this orchid, appears to be Rssgls. Rawdon Jester 'Great Bee' from the tag/internet. A hybrid of Rossioglossum grande x williamsianum. I love it, a good hybrid should bring out a combo of the best of both species and this one nails it.

A Psychopsis hybrid my mom ended up buying

Paph. Pinocchio a cute sequential bloomer my mom picked up as well.

Inside E.F.G.'s greenhouse we saw this really cool idea...orchid mounted with a mousetrap!

A look down some of the isles

A huge wet wall down both sides. It is surprisingly chilly standing next to it.

Many of the orchids were mounted and looked super happy about it.

Some things in bloom

Nepenthes x 'Miranda'

Nepenthes x "Ventrata" wall down the left

Tons of cacti and succulents

I picked up a small Brassavola glauca from E.F.G. and a Cattleya intermedia fma. aquinii coerulea 'Hanada' AM/AOS x self from one of the other vendors. Pics some other time, nothing in bloom.

Then the day took an interesting twist. When someone says to you, "We have to stop at this one place on the way back!" I typically say sure, most usually glad I did. Somewhere right past the intersection of SR 40 and 17 is the wackiest place. Now this is the touristy Florida I remember, must have to get closer to Orlando/Disney World now a days to really get to see it anymore. Strange places made for tourists to shop are scattered all around Florida, but let me show you just how strange this one was.

Uh, I kind of really want this dinosaur in my yard. A little after this point, a small sign warns you to wear shoes due to the fire ants. I was in flip-flops, ants be damned, too many strange possibilities ahead to turn back now...

A pink rooster?

I also REALLY like these toucans. I know it's tacky, but I just can't help it. I love them and I want to hang one outside. There were thousands of these painted animals and pots, but the toucans are GREAT.

Also......gross...gator hands.

You see that toucan? Awesome, don't tell me it's not.

This place was also busy. It's saturday and a beautiful day so this place was packed with bikers.

Dinosaur or a knight anyone?

Is it a crayfish?

Suddenly, also patio furniture.

Need a flamingo or possibly Mary for your yard? FYI these are both about 6 feet tall.

Aw yeaaaa, more toucans.

There was also an iguana. Not for sale.

A skeleton dog?

Lets get real here. It wouldn't be a Florida roadside tourist shop without the following:

1.) Gator heads for sale

2.) Fruit for sale

Totally worth stopping and checking it out, just for the weird factor alone. Although I love orchid shopping, I do regret coming home toucan-less. 


  1. Oh no Mom has more plants! I'm excited to come down there soon. I'm afraid she is going to send me back up with lots.

    P.S. You can have the tucans, I want that brontosaurus bad.

    1. A lanai almost now full of them. She's got some cool stuff though, but don't feel obligated to take back a jack daniels case full them again this time. Imagine all the things you could to with that brontosaurus, we should go back and get it. We'll figure out how to get it back to your place some other time.