Friday, February 13, 2015

Pictures From: The Greater Orlando Orchid Society Show & Sale! Part 1

I went to the Greater Orlando Orchid Society's Show & Sale today. For those of you in FL, it's going on through this Sunday, February 15th.

I usually have my husband take pictures when we go to orchid shows as he is a much better photographer than I. Unfortunately for you, he was unable to accompany me so you'll have to deal with my barely acceptable photography skills. I did think to take a photo of the identification tags when I could. If I messed up a name, or you have an ID for one I couldn't get, please comment below. I have too many pictures so I'll split them up. Here is Part 1 of 2, hope you enjoy the photos!

Dendrobium nobile hybrids
Angraecum Crestwood "Tomorrow Star"

Encyclia cordigera
Vanda denisoniana x merillii, this one did not want to photograph, At. All. Too shiny!
Vanda hybrid
Jumellea comorensis
Lc. Mini Purple 'Princess Road' x Enc. leucantha 'FISO'
Cattleya speciosissima var. lueddemanniana 'Stanley'
One vendor had a Vanda luzonica on display! I wish there were some, even seedlings for sale, but unfortunately this is a rarer one.

Vanda luzonica
Vanda luzonica flowers
Vanda luzonica flower, close up....can you tell I love this Vanda?

Spathoglottis hybrid. Sorry for no name, think this was a NoID guys.

Vanda Pimchai love with this one too
Cymbidium Gustav Mehlquist
Some Schomburgkias towered over it all. Ooops, I  mean Laelias, but the Laelias that used to be Schombs...
Tons of Phalaenopsis hybrids
Rhynchostylis gigantea Orange
Rhyn. gigantea Orange and Kultana

Rhychostylis Red
Angraecum Crestwood 'Tomorrow Star'
Dendrobium lindleyi
They had a few Esmeralda species for sale, don't see that everyday. As far as I know it's too hot to grow them here in FL, unless you have a specialty greenhouse and can cool them. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I want to go back and buy all Esmeralda species.

Yellow Cattleya hybrid
Lc. Siamese Doll. Been seeing a lot of these at shows, is it the hot new hybrid or what?
Phal Mem. Liu J....(can't read the rest of the tag) This Phal was a stunner though, beautiful lip
Cattleya loddigesii

Stay tuned for more orchid photos, Part 2 coming up next...


  1. This is serious orchid paradise, thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I know I love when people take and upload photos at events, so I figured I'd give it a shot with an actual camera this time.

  2. Im not into orchids but looks like the show was full of blooms and colours :)

    1. Thanks for looking anyway! Just checked out your blog, very cool! Looks like there's a lot of Finnish carnivorous plant growers out there. I've got some more carnivorous plant stuff lined up for later in the month when more is going on with them to post about.

  3. Somebody is using one of your picture for his ebay auction:

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate the notice, and I'm about to send the seller a message. If nothing else, I've considered buying something from this seller before, and now we know he or she uses stolen photos, I'll pass.