Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sarracenia Flowers for 2015!

Sarracenia rosea, Mobile Co. AL, clone k

Sarracenia rosea, Liberty Co., FL

The flower petals will fade to a darker pink in time, but just opened is my favorite coloration.
One petal got a little stuck and curled up while still in bud. 
S. leucophylla f. viridescens

Totally looks like this flower is melting. If it wasn't a bright lime green, it might look like it's drippy and sad. 
S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' 

would've had 2 flowers, but sod web worms :(

S. minor, Orange Co., FL

Looking good overall already

S. rubra?

This is the rubra or rubra hybrid from the "Bug Biting Plants Terrarium Kit" sold at Lowe's. S. rubra ssp. rubra or a hybrid?
There were a few that didn't flower this year for one reason or another, and some more just getting ready to flower that I'll add in later on.

I also have a whole bunch of new Sarracenia this year. Went a bit overboard and probably doubled the collection between spring sales and trades. So stay tuned for some pitchers as the growing season continues!

The latest additions to the crew just potted up. Some more from Mike Wang, and a few imported back to the states from Mike King in the UK. Super excited to see how all the new Sarrs do this year!

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