Thursday, June 18, 2015

Encyclia Care & Some Blooming Encyclia Pictures

As you may have noticed I went through a bit of an Encyclia phase last year, scooping up any new species I came across, along with some hybrids. I've learned a few things about caring for them since. If you've got some tips to grow these beauties to share too, let me know below!

Encyclia maderoi

Encyclias like to dry out between waterings, a lot like growing Cattleya orchids. Encyclia are native to South Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, and down through South America and in their natural environment they experience a dry season, but the humidity stays on the high side year round. Water heavily, then let it dry out completely before watering again in the spring, summer, and fall.

Rot is always the enemy here in Florida. Although we experience less extreme wet and dry seasons here, during our rainy season it would make sense for the weatherman to just say 50/50 chance of rain, at some point in the day, every day. So I make a point to keep good air movement,have nothing blocking the wind for them. I leave them totally dry through much of the winter months when it gets cooler here. I'm heavily considering mounting them for the future. As long as the lead pseudobulb isn't shriveled, you're watering enough. More people kill these through over-watering than under, which is why I'm leading with this care tip.

Encyclia guadalupeae

Encyclias like high light. I let mine get direct sun for hours a day, a few in the morning, a few in the afternoon, only somewhat protected from midday sun. If your Encyclia isn't blooming, try giving it more light. Adjust it to higher light slowly though, as just like with any other plant, it can burn with direct sun if it isn't used to it.

Encyclia cordigera

These are some of the easiest species I've cared for so far. Nothing is easier than to just find a good spot for them outdoors when the weather is warm and for the most part, leave them alone.

Encyclia tampensis


  1. Nice Encyclia's! I recently got E. tampensis and E. rufa along with a bunch of other native epiphytic orchids and mounted them all on a Live Oak branch covered in resurrection fern, everything seems happy so far their.

    Growing them mounted is definitely a good choice, though watering can be a bit of a pain when it doesn't rain for a while.

    Again very nice orchids!

    1. Thanks! I think I'll try a few potted, and mount a few that are outgrowing their pots next spring and see which way does better here. Now that our rainy season in most certainly here, it's no issue. Spring seems to be pretty dry though so having to go out there and water mounted plants daily will only be a temporary and seasonal issue, which is nice. Good luck with your collection, I need to work on getting more natives myself...