Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't look at orchids

"A watched orchid never blooms." I had heard this before, it's true. I look at my plants a lot.

In the winter I watch for proper dormancies, being careful who I water and when. I inspect everything for pests as some are prone to mealy bugs.

The rest of the year is also inspecting for pests, watering every so often in spring and fall. Summer almost everything is outdoors and needs to be watered every other day, at least.

I haven't been having a good year for orchids so far. I't might be the constant rain and clouds we had. I had a few get cold damage. I had given up on spring blooms entirely. I water everything, but mindlessly. So it was a surprise to see a spike on Doritaenopsis Kenneth Schubert.

So, orchids. Whenever I don't pay attention to them, they reward me. I literally just noticed this. I watered it 2 days ago and didn't notice a thing.


  1. i completely agree. i have a few that were doing nothing at all. no root growth or anything. i stopped paying attention to them other than basic care and lo and behold there is new growth on them. so cool :)

    1. It's funny when things tend to work out that way. What's really odd, is it really only applies to orchids. I usually disregard any unscientific advice. I like messing with my plants, this ruins everything!