Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Successful dormancies

It's pretty easy to tell when carnivores have gone dormant, but it's not quite as obvious how good the dormancy was until the growing season begins again. We had a very mild winter. I'm positive that helped my Sarracenia purpurea and Venus Fly Trap. Here they both are blooming away.

Sarracenia purpurea, a few different angles
S. purpurea forming it's buds
A fully opened S. purpurea flower
Dionaea muscipula, aka Venus Fly Trap flower.
The stalk was over a foot away from the plant. It wasn't possible to get them both in focus.


  1. Wow, the S. purpurea plant and flowers are impressive, the colours and vein-markings are just intense, and the Venus fly trap flower is very pretty too, quite spectacular.

    1. People get excited about the carnivorous foliage, but I think the flowers are just as interesting on the Sarracenia. Huge, and very different looking. Glad you like them!