Friday, January 16, 2015

Some New-ish Nepenthes

As you may have read, I've made a lot of orders for Nepenthes the last few months and as they are all settling in, some are doing much better than others. My experiences lately in having to order from places I'm unfamiliar with have mostly gone well.

This was a small order I placed with Drosera Gemmae. I found them through a web search, and as you can see, the owner sells much more than just Drosera gemmae. I decided to place a small order to see how it went.

This Nepenthes longifolia was a TC import from Wistuba and has started to do very well. Look at that pitcher to leaf size ratio! So far this little seedling likes the terrarium.

Nepenthes longifolia (Kelog Sembilan)

Nepenthes longifolia (Kelog Sembilan), close up of the pitcher

In the picture below, to the left is the pitcher it came to me with and on the right is it's latest. I think this one will do well here.

I also ordered a Nepenthes danseri as I have not seen this one for sale anywhere else. This is also a TC plant from Wistuba originally, and it seems as they are the only one producing it. This one has also settled in quickly.

Nepenthes danseri

Nepenthes danseri with a tiny little pitcher and another on the way
I also made a small order from Predatory Plants for a Nepenthes petata. This was one of the plants I lost and am now able to replace, fortunately. Real tolerant for a highlander, does fine alongside the lowlanders, I'd call this particular clone from Borneo Exotics more of an intermediate. It'll be a while before it gets to the size of my last one, but it has settled in quickly, each leaf larger than the last.

Nepenthes peltata

Nepenthes peltata, tiny pitcher close up.

It's unfortunate that it seems we have lost my old favorite retailers, like the CP Jungle and Exotic Plants Plus. However, I'm glad to have found some other good if only they would carry more lowland species!


  1. Oh, N. danseri. I also got one from Marius. It seems to be doing well, but I'm still waiting for mine to pitcher.

    I'm glad you picked up the N. longifolia. Should be a neat plant! Keep us updated!

    1. Good, someone else growing danseri. If it was as small as mine, just give it time. Plants from Wistuba need some time to acclimate and settle in as at that size they're pretty fresh out of TC. Mine didn't pitcher on it's first leaf made here but seems to have started again now.

  2. Cool plants. I'm a big fan of the "net pots" with moss growing out in each direction haha. Looks great!

    1. I haven't decided if I like growing with them or not yet. They look nice, and the roots should get good aeration, but I have to water them a lot and I usually like growing my Neps in a chunkier media, not so much sphag. They work for the terrarium, but not as well for if I were to ever move them outdoors too.

  3. Congratulations Melody. They are really beautiful and promise to make strong plants. I love the moss of the pots, with that intense color and so full of life.