Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parodia werneri ssp werneri (Notocatus uebelmannianus)

I put both names in the title as the genus Notocactus is no longer, as of 1998. All Notocactus are now Parodia, but if you google both names you'll find that most people still know this cactus as N. uebelmannianus. It was also given to me with that label as well. I find the horticultural world is slow to use new names, most likely because it's not as if there is an official news bulletin that goes around the world notifying everyone who owns, grows, or sells a particular plant of a taxonomy change.

Anyway, this is one pretty cactus. If you haven't already noticed, I like small globular species. Not just because it's what I have space for, but because they are some of the nicest looking out of flower, in my opinion at least.

Side view, more flowers to come
Busy insects


  1. I agree, the flowers on this is spectacular, with its bright contrasting colours. Nice capture with Mr. Bee.

    1. Thanks, there were insects on these flowers all day long. It would've been almost impossible to take a photo without bees in it!