Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinguicula moranensis becomes 2, Also Flowers

My Pinguicula now has two growth points. I'm not sure if the plant has totally split in two yet, or is just growing from multiple points right now. After the last mess trying to get photos of this one, I'm not going to poke around to find out. I'm in favor of letting it do it's thing. It appears pleased after all.

Click to see bigger photos

It's also going strong after the last mishap. Now we've got three flowers. The oldest one had faded a little, but has been on the plant for about 2 weeks now. They aren't the prettiest flowers ever, but they do last a long time.

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Cool plant, and hardier than I had always read they were. I think the fact that I received it potted in long fibered sphagnum moss and continued to grow it that way has helped. I previously grew all my carnivorous plants, (with the exception of the Nepenthes,) in some combination of peat, sand, and perlite. These are more susceptible to rot than other carnivorous plants. LFS dries faster and is less compact than peat, so maybe that was a good medium for a Pinguicula beginner, and why mine has done well despite it being my 1st try with this genus.


  1. Congrats on your healthy plant and its doubling up. The colours of the leaves and flowers are quite a nice combo I think.. The flowers do look abit simple, but pretty nonetheless, I'm sure some insect finds them irresistible, Lol. Awesome photos too!! :-)

    1. Thank you! The insects do love this one, despite it's usual home in a terrarium it still catches all sorts of insects.