Friday, November 16, 2012

Ascocenda Thai Spot x Bangkhuntian Gold

Will someone please tell this Vandaceous orchid that it is mid November in New York, it really has no business blooming right now.

I really like yellow flowers, they cheer the place up. Although these are a little more plain than I wish this cross was, they're still really pretty. The color isn't as bright as when it bloomed last in late spring. There's been almost no sun for quite a few weeks now and it's hanging in a window that is colder this time of year than it probably likes too.

The whole plant:

I'm especially happy this one's doing well because I killed my last and only Vanda (a V. Manuvadee) last winter by somehow rotting it out. However, I got that one I killed for free, off a table of orchids that weren't doing so hot at one of J&L Orchid's events when I bought a bunch of other orchids. I wasn't so much upset it died, but disappointed because I thought that meant I couldn't grow Vandas here. The whole reason the orchid was free was because it already had crown rot, so maybe it's demise wasn't entirely my fault? This one seems OK here so far, just grows a little slower because we have a shorter growing season for them here. It's also very tolerant of dryer conditions inside in winter.

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