Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinguicula Growth Explosion and Another Flower

Pinguicula moranensis flowering again this year.

The last time I wrote about this plant it had went from 1 to 4 plants, now it's 6 plants that I can see. I haven't been able to get the leaves to turn that nice pink color they can, but that may be a seasonal change. It's in adequate lighting and seems happy otherwise, so I guess we'll see if it's more of a temperature thing than a lighting thing.

Since I repotted it, it's getting huge. I don't need 6 of the same Pings. If anyone in the US (I do not have permits to ship elsewhere, nor do I plan on getting them anytime soon, sorry,) would like one of these, Email me. I would prefer a trade if you also have something extra (carnivorous plant or not,) but if you are new to the carnivorous plant growing scene I'll send it to you for cost of shipping.


  1. Love the bright light green of this Pinguicula & the purple flower is very beautiful too!

    1. Thanks, it's really difficult to capture the true color of the flower,(or maybe I just need to spend more time messing around with the settings on this camera), it's actually more of a magenta, or purple/pink color