Thursday, November 1, 2012

Phalaenopsis Spiketacular

I don't know what's going on this year. None of my spring blooming orchids, and next to none of my summer blooming orchids flowered this year, but fall seems to be a whole different situation. All, let me repeat that, ALL of my Phalaenopsis are in spike or still blooming. I've never had this happen before.

So here's what I have to look forward to as we head into the cold weather:

1.) NOID medium Phalaenopsis. I call this one medium because it's not a mini Phal, but it's nowhere near large enough to be normal sized either. I've got two spikes on this one. This Phal blooms just like those huge white NOIDs you see at grocery stores and Home Depots, except on a much smaller scale. I've had this one for maybe 3 years and it hasn't ever bloomed here before.

The whole plant

Spike #1

Spike #2 and a keiki it made last year

2.) NOID Mini Phalaenopsis with mottled leaves. See older pictures of it and last years blooms here: NOID Mini Phalaenopsis, I wouldn't have bothered putting up last years pictures if I had thought it would re-bloom this year. As far as Phalaenopsis orchids go, I have mostly every other year bloomers, and never again bloomers, so this is new. Maybe I finally figured out how to keep Phalaenopsis consistently happy here.

Plant from the top

Still a small spike, but I can see it peeking

3.) Phalaenopsis stuartiana x sib. My only species Phal. :(

The whole plant

Close-up of the gorgeous leaf pattern

A tiny start of a spike.

4.) NOID Variegated Mini Phalaenopsis. This one's still got the spike from when I bought it, but I guess it decided to make a new spike anyway. I'm still not thrilled about these flowers, but thrilled that it's flowering, if that makes sense. You can see pictures from when I first got it in the beginning of August here: Finally Found a Variegated Phalaenopsis

On the right is the new leaf it's grown since I've had it.

Sorry, wouldn't focus so the pic is a little blurry, but is that a variegated spike?

5.) NOID Mini Phalaenopsis with solid purple blooms. I was just about to try and give this one away. I've got quite a few minis and I'd like to make room for species instead. It's a better gift in bloom anyway, so I still might if someone wants it. In fact, now that I think about it, this is another Phal I got years ago that hasn't bloomed in my care until now.

Sorry for the focus issues, my camera wasn't having it today

6.) Dtps. Kenneth Schubert is still flowering. One or two at a time, but we've been going since summer. Pictures from the start of this years flowering (July) here: Dtps. Kenneth Schubert

Spike's getting pretty long there...

Super difficult to try and get pictures of the bloom against a solid background with such a long spike.

So that's the entirety of my Phalaenopsis collection. If you like Phals, the next few months of this blog might be entertaining for you. If you hate them, you might want to not come back until the spring. However, I do have a couple other types of orchids getting prepared to bloom that I should be able to scatter in and keep orchid lovers entertained at least, (and the Nepenthes fans, I've always got pitchers going on.)


  1. How exciting!

    Blooming seems to have been boom-or-bust for me too. Had a bunch of flowers in spring, nothing in summer, and now a bunch of orchids are sending up spikes.

    Perhaps the phals are responding to the recent chill in weather?

    1. Interesting, maybe the strange weather this year has made some orchids real happy, and others not so thrilled. You aren't the only one who said they've had some strange blooming patterns.

      I'm sure the drop in temperature initiated these spikes, although they are all inside, we let the apartment get kind of cool at night until Nov. when we start using the heater again consistently.

  2. Cool, I love all/most esp. Masdevallia orchid blooms, so looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Gee, orchid leaves are really beautiful; loving the purple, mottled and variegated ones. I'm not very good with looking after/growing orchids, but the flowers really make it worth learning/trying.

    1. Yeah, this blog will be fairly seasonal in it's content as the succulents and cacti won't really be doing much for a few months to talk about or take pictures of.

      I love Masdevalliias, but can't grow them here. I tried twice and they're expensive to experiment with, so I'm temporarily giving up until I can provide an environment more conducive to their needs. To grow orchids you just need to learn a different style of care, but they are no more difficult than growing mesembs or Nepethes. The nice part about orchids is no matter your conditions, there always is an orchid out there that will grow well and flower in your home, (just have to figure out which one's will like your temperatures and go from there.)

  3. I have no idea when they flower, but mine is sending spikes up as well, we are no going into summer.

    1. Nice! Most Phals need a temperature drop at night for a few days/weeks to initiate a spike, but there are definitely some that do not. Maybe you've got summer bloomers, but in any case it's always nice when they reward you with a flower no matter the season.

    2. Yes, and to add to that, I just heard I am going to be a dad, wife's 7 weeks pregnant! So....hehe, lots to look forward too!

    3. YAY! Congratulations!!! Best of luck to you both, that's great news.